This is a a page to hold various links I find useful and things I’ve yet to read but looked interesting.

Managing Ad

Active Directory Users and Computers Saved Queries

C# and .NET

String.Format(“{0}”, “formatting string”}; – Formatting string, numbers, dates and custom formatting – also try this page: Formatting Strings in C# with String.Format.

To read


T4 Toolbox: Strongly-typed AzMan wrapper generator – Build of T4 Toolbox includes a new project item template for an AzMan authorization policy XML file and a code generator that produces a C# wrapper for performing operation-based authorization checks against it. The generator creates a separate enumerated type with security operations for each application application in the AzMan policy and a wrapper class with strongly-typed Authorize and CanPerform methods that take these enums as parameters.

Where to find Authorizatopm Manager on R2:   gacutil /l Microsoft.Interop.Security.AzRoles



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