Active Directory Users & Computers; the built-in Active Directory management console, primarily focussed on managing users, groups, computers and organizationalUnits but also including other objects.
Plain Old CLR Object – derived from POJO – usually meaning an object unencumbered by responsibilities, kind of like a teenager but without the ego/attitude/emotional problems*.
System.DirectoryServices – a .NET Framework wrapper around ADSI.  If you want to learn about this buy (and read) the book ‘The .NET Developer’s Guide to Directory Services Programming’ by  Joe Kaplan and Ryan Dunn which you can find here and here.  It is excellent.
System.DirectoryServics.AccountManagement – a wrapper around S.DS, designed to make it easier to manage accounts.  I’m not convinced that it achieves this, as it (i.e. you) still has to deal with ADSI gunge.
System.DirectoryServices.Protocols – this can be used to refer to the namespace or the assembly (System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.dll), usually the former. You can find an introduction to System.DirectoryServices.Protocols here.
Visual Studio; I use Visual Studio 2010 Professional in my work but I’m using Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express here partly because it forces me to use a clean-build guest with no additional libraries or software and partly because it shows what can be done with the free version.  You can find a comparision here.

* insert anti-teen prejudice of choice, here.


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