Visual Studio LightSwitch

I recently came across Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011.  It’s a new code-generation tool built on top of Visual Studio which creates Silverlight applications.  You can run them locally or from an IIS server.  You can do quite a lot with little, if any, coding although if you want to do anything tricky, you do need to get your fingers wet.

You can buy it as Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 but if you have VS 2010 already via MSDN, you can just download and install it on top – it just adds new project types to the list.  And there’s a trial version, so you can have a play.

It’s version 1 so it’s limited in some areas but it seems to have quite a user base, already.

I’m hoping to create a new version of my main user management tool using it.  I’ll post when I have something to report: a lot depends on how I get on with LinqtoLdap.


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